Lëtzebuerg, Luxembourg

Swimming Pool

With its distinct turquoise atmosphere, Swimming Pool offers an ethereal shopping experience that’s supported by its eclectic mix of emerging designers, established brands and intriguing paraphernalia.

The Boutique

Founded by Carine in 1986, the family business grew out into a mini-empire that now contains eight stores in Luxembourg and one in Brussels, Belgium. Everything you are nowadays presented with at Swimming Pool is handpicked by daughter, buyer and creative director Pascaline Smets, who is a purveyor of all things beautiful. From fashion to food, every detail of the multi-brand retailer is curated to create a diverse and global shopping experience that incites those with a similar aspiration for allure and ingenuity.

Avenue de la Porte Neuve 13, L-2227 Luxembourg.
Mon 11.00 – 18.30, Tue – Sat: 10.00 – 18.30.

Swimming Pool offers a unique experience that awakens the senses and allows visitors to dream.

The Team

Where did you find inspiration for Swimming Pool’s remarkable look?
Art is the common denominator behind everything we communicate and portray. For the architecture of Swimming Pool, we drew inspiration from François Ozon's same-titled film from 2003. In his ‘Swimming Pool’ narration, you follow the lives of two women, two personalities who coexist and make each other grow stronger. That’s the idea behind our Swimming Pool boutique, allowing the architecture and concept of the store to enhance the fashion collections and vice versa. The curious space we successfully created, in its turn inspires other directors, like Jean-Baptiste Andrea who selected our boutique for the filming of his film ‘The Brotherhood of Tear’ in 2013.

What kind of atmosphere does the Swimming Pool boutique portray to its customers?
Swimming Pool is all about expression. The boutique offers a unique experience that awakens the senses and allows visitors to dream. The unexpected architecture reveals a surreal and playful image, enhancing this dreamlike encounter. The mood of the collections depends on the moment customers visit the store, the season we’re in. Swimming Pool is a fast-developing store, that’s why the layout of the store changes as frequently as possible. As a visitor, you need to be able to feel the energy, the pace, the evolution and changes that are continually being made to inspire and surprise.
What service does Swimming Pool provide its visitors?
While Swimming Pool has an unmistakable identity, the layout of the boutique is very clear and easy to navigate as a customer. Each creator, each designer that’s represented at Swimming Pool has its own attitude that our customers seek out purposely. When perusing the racks, visitors are easily intrigued by all the different feelings and inspirations they’re offered. When you look at today’s fashion industry, it’s no longer determined by clear distinguishable trends. Today, everything is about an image, a sense of identity and individuality that you want to portray. Just like art, fashion is constantly evolving and reinterpreting itself. We recognise this and Swimming Pool allows us to make all those different moods and aspirations come to life, providing our customers with the ultimate shopping experience in today’s fashion climate.
The Boutique