Tessenderlo, Belgium

Smits Studio

Complimented on providing timeless clothing with the absolute perfect fit, Smits Studio is a leading boutique with contemporary clothing, shoes and accessories.



The Boutique

Owner Marleen studied and taught economics before giving in to her passion for clothing and opening Smits Studio in 1994. A decision bound to be made as she grew up learning the ropes of buying and selling from her mother who already owned a womenswear boutique at the time. Even though her store was located right next to her mother’s, it soon became clear that she introduced a totally different aesthetic by focusing mainly on Belgian brands. Today, Marleen is assisted by her daughter Jolien who is a professional makeup artist and is responsible for Smits Studio’s Beauty Bar.

Diesterstraat 47, 3980 Tessenderlo.
Mon – Sat: 10.00 – 18.00.
Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays.

I prefer the idea of adding to your wardrobe throughout the seasons and investing in high-quality pieces, rather than to drastically renew your closet every year.

The Owner

What’s your mindset when you buy collections each season?
I like minimalism. Showy pieces that have the brand name written on them in big letters don’t excite me. There’s also a big difference between what is on the runway and what you see in the streets. Clothing needs to be wearable and comfortable, I will never sell a shoe in which you can’t walk comfortably.

What do clients look for during their boutique visit?

They generally take their time to find exclusive, timeless pieces that are high-quality and fit them perfectly. It’s crucial to us to style those pieces exactly the right way. Our customers are very open to total look suggestions, whether it’s for an event or just day to day. Maintaining a consistent style from head to toe is important. To me, there’s nothing worse than wearing the wrong pair of shoes, it messes up your entire outfit.
How do you make sure Smits Studio is different from other stores?
According to my customers I have an exceptional, rather wayward selection they don’t find in other stores. It’s relatively unconscious, because I simply pick the pieces I like and I think my customers will like too. I’m often flattered by friendly competitors who tend to look at us and even take our example, I think that’s a good sign.

Clothing has been rather straight-lined and oversized lately, does this limit your possibilities when dressing a client?
We made a conscious choice to sell brands like A.F. Vandevorst and MM6, naturally these types of designs have become part of our aesthetic. Women who are looking for extremely tight clothing that accentuates the body will usually go elsewhere. Nonetheless, as a result of our coherent brand mix we are still able to combine the right pieces and create flattering looks for every body type.

The Boutique Collection

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The Boutique