Knokke, Belgium


Located at the Belgian seaside, Sketch offers an alternative to customers seeking something different than the classic mono-brand experience. They achieve this by providing an interesting mix of solid uniform staples as well as the latest up-and-coming labels.



The Boutique

Sketch is part of the Princess group, a multibrand retail chain that attracts both luxury brands and emerging designers. Established in 1953, by buyer Astrid’s grandmother, as a children’s clothing store, Princess quickly evolved into a Belgian fashion landmark known for its head-to-toe styled looks. Step by step stores were added to the family chain that now includes eight boutiques in two Belgian cities, Antwerp and Knokke. Along with this addition, the boutiques developed from offering mid brands and logo brands into a go-to destination that fosters an eclectic curation of labels and designs.

Kustlaan 339, 8300 Knokke-Heist.
Mon-Sun: 10.00 – 18.30.

One of the main challenges for buyers is predicting what will sell in six months. It’s easy to buy something you like right now, but I need to think ahead. There’s much more to it than simply playing shop.

The Buyer

Sketch and the Princess group is a family business, did you always know you’d join the company?
I don’t remember this, but I’ve been told that as a kid I used to proclaim that I would never join the family business. Somewhere deep down though, I always kind of knew that I would. It made sense. Even as a kid I would join my mother, Karin, to shows and trade fairs. After making a trip around the world, I came back and started working in the stores. I got accustomed with the products, the brands and suddenly I oversaw the children’s wear buying department. From the moment I started to get involved, everything grew organically. The responsibilities, the passion. I love every aspect of it. It’s what makes me happy, what fuels me.

Can you describe the Sketch customer?
The Sketch clientele is impossible to narrow down to just one type. We have customers that have been with us since the beginning and have evolved along with the store. On the other hand, there are the clients that are as passionate about fashion as we are and come in, still surprised by the mix of brands we have to offer. We still have clients that come for head-to-toe styled outfits, like Princess was known for before and we have the ones that seek out one specific item they simply must have. In the end, every Sketch customer comes to us due to the interesting puzzle of brands we have and the information and styling tips our team can offer them.
With eight stores in two cities, having a solid team is a must. What do you look for when hiring new people?
Passion. When someone is passionate about their job, it becomes a second nature. Talent is also important, to avoid wasting time explaining every single detail, but I believe those two are strongly connected. When there’s passion and talent, they just get it. The team we have here at Sketch has that powerful combination.

What is your approach on buying trips?
I usually go at it alone, I’m a bit of a lone wolf. But since the last two years someone from our sales team joins me. That way I have the possibility to bounce ideas off someone else, someone who’s in touch with the customers on a daily basis. I would never go with a bigger team. When everyone gets a say, you get lost. Plus, I don’t need it. I usually know what I want and I work fast and efficient. There’s no use in overly discussing every decision. In the end it’s your gut feeling you must trust.

The Boutique Collection

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The Boutique