Salzburg, Austria

Rieger Fashion

Roaming the streets of Salzburg, a fashion aficionado will swiftly find its way to Rieger Fashion’s doorsteps. The multibrand boutique boasts a curated selection of luxury streetwear, highlighted by bright and lively silhouettes that never cease to inspire.


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The Boutique

It’s been twenty years since Doris & Dietmar Völker established their Salzburg-based luxury boutique Rieger Fashion. As the city’s conservative downtown area lacked a significant amount of vibrancy at the time, the fashion enthusiasts decided to create their own. Their multibrand store is known and loved for its unique and forever playful selection.

Münzgasse 1, 5020 Salzburg.
Mon-Fri: 10.00 – 18.30, Sat: 10.00 – 18.00.

We look for clients with a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic who possess the courage to experiment and try something new.

The Owner

How would you describe Rieger to someone that has never been there?
It’s truly unique, and we invite everyone to come and see. Our boutique has always been inspired by travelling, especially by our visits to London. We love how the city boasts individualism – it’s the best place to spot upcoming styles. This innovative aspect heartens the boutique, and fun touches can be found in everything from the decoration to the clothing on the racks. Whenever a customer comes in, we make it our priority to ensure they are relaxed and completely at ease before they start browsing the collection. Be it with a hug, a cup of coffee or a little conversation: our personal approach always comes first.

Located in the heart of Salzburg, who is the Rieger customer?
Our range offers young fashion, but there’s absolutely no age limit. Our first customer ever, a lovely lady who is now 75, came in and was immediately drawn to a coat. Today, she still comes in from Munich every single month. Rieger Fashion is very much driven by tourism: Salzburg is bustling with tourists year-round, but tourism blossoms when the famous Salzburg festivals arrive. Our clientele is largely based on tourists, but even amongst the tourist, we have a loyal clientele. We look for clients with a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic who possess the courage to experiment and try something new.
With new pieces flooding the fashion scene every season, how do you make sure you buy pieces the customers will love?
At first, we watch the new season’s presentations. We explore both old and new designers since we’re always looking for something fresh and exciting. At the moment, we’re really loving Off-White and MSGM: their collections are in high demand. We tend to keep a close eye on a label’s development throughout the fashion seasons. Afterwards, we visit the showrooms and make our selection – but never without making sure it’s packed with pieces that our clientele will treasure. We often show our regular clients things we like, and we ask them for feedback. That way, we ensure our selection will be right up our customer’s ally.

How do you see Rieger Fashion’s online proposition?
I think the online approach is both an enlargement and a completion of the boutique. Years ago, there was no online part of Rieger Fashion. We’d simply be unique by having an exclusive selection. Nowadays, we’re in a highly competitive market and the online extension is the way to go. We love how it’s versatile enough to be an addition during off seasons. Since our customer base is so tourism-driven, we have a lot of loyal customers that live abroad. We’re sure they will love browsing the racks of Rieger Fashion online as well.

The Boutique Collection

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The Boutique