Paris, France


Located in Paris’ charming 7th arrondissement, Moss is a small but lavish boutique with an exclusive selection of shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear. Given its open-door policy, the boutique has befriended a loyal clientele. Women tend to spend a relaxed afternoon here, chatting on the couch and trying on clothes.



The Boutique

Moss is led by three sisters: Karine, Nathalie and Sophie. Twelve years ago Karine, who already owned her jewellery boutique Karry Berreby, triggered her sisters to participate in her passion and convinced them to open a store for shoes and accessories. Exclusive footwear and handbags are displayed like true showpieces, accompanied by carefully selected prêt-à-porter items.

22 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris.
Tue – Sat: 10.30 – 19.00,
Mon: 11.00 – 19.00,
Closed on Sunday.
Our customer is always in the back of our heads, but above all we buy collections while keeping our personal taste in mind. The three of us would gladly wear each and every piece in our boutique.

The Manager

How would you describe the atmosphere at Moss?
The boutique feels homely and cosy, not only because of the decoration but also because of the layout of the interior. At the centre of the store, there’s a huge chandelier that acts as a statement piece, below it is a round sofa in which clients love to sit and chit-chat in between fitting sessions. Friends join each other at Moss to catch up and hunt treasured pieces they can’t find at large stores.

What do you bear in mind when selecting the collections?

My sisters and I select the pieces together. Karry has her own store but we don’t sell similar products so she always helps us during the buying process. The three of us try to inspire one another as much as we can. We fill each other in on the latest fashion trends, but in the end we want nothing more than to offer our clients exclusive must-haves that become a timeless staple in their wardrobe.
What are your favourite brands?
We have a few undeniable classics such as Valentino, Sergio Rossi and Aquazzura, but it’s impossible to pick one favourite. My preferences change from season to season. I don’t overthink it, I just like beautiful things.

Does your clientele have a particular style?
We sell to every type of client, from classic to fashion forward. In general, we aim to stay true to our timeless aesthetic. One thing is certain: our clients know exactly what they are looking for and know they can find it here.
The Boutique