Saint-Malo, France


Despite the boutique's impressive size - no less than 100 square metres with 12 metres of striking windows - and clean, contemporary feel, Missuko never feels cold or distant. Instead, you are greeted by a warm and inviting space with a refined and up-to-date elegance. This atmosphere is further supported by a motivated, energetic team that is happy to welcome all clients to the heart of Saint-Malo. 


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The Boutique

In 1999, the then 24-year-old Florence Fontaine took over multi-brand boutique Missuko. The boutique itself has existed since 1989, and as a long-time, loyal customer, Florence acquired taste and passion for beautiful things. Over the past twenty years, she has built the boutique's reputation by transforming its classic selection of designers into a luxurious and fashion-forward destination in the heart of the French city.

3 Rue des Merciers, 35400 Saint-Malo, France
Mon - Sat: 10.00 - 12.30, 14.30 - 19.00, Sun: 11.00 - 13.00, 15.00 - 19.00

To me, fashion is synonymous with daring a little.

The Owner

Could you tell us what makes Missuko's environment unique?
I think there are three sides to this answer: the boutique space itself, our opening hours and the geographical location. Saint-Malo is a historic walled port city in the north-west of France. Due to our location near the sea, tourism is vital for us to complement our daily client range. That's why the boutique is open seven days a week, 365 days a year. Aside from our year-round schedule, it's Missuko's distinct look that helps to set us apart. Inside, there's a modern aesthetic with black and white walls and strong lines. This is precisely in line with what I was after for Missuko, but it remains elegant, something that's extremely important to me. Aside from the interior, we have 12 metres of windows. This ensures an immediate draw of attention from the street. To help inspire our clients and passers-by, we try to change our merchandising every week to create new desires and triggers.

When you need to inspire your clients on a weekly basis, where do you find inspiration yourself?
I spend a lot of time travelling to search for inspiration, and I am fortunate that I am in a position to do all of that. To me, travelling is an essential part of my life and my job. To evoke the curiosity in my clients, to encourage them and to create a wonderful time while they're inside the boutique, I need inspiration. That's why I look for inspiration outside of the boutique, in France and abroad. By doing that, I can offer unique, beautiful pieces. Aside from that, all this knowledge and inspiration gives my team and me an advantage on several levels that helps to make the difference.
Since you travel a lot, your team is probably crucial to Missuko's day-to-day running?
Of course. There are three of us for the sales team, and we work closely together, abroad and in the boutique. Every single person on my team has the right motivation and an eagerness to improve Missuko on a daily basis. When I recruit new people to the team, I look for people with the right presentation and look and the appropriate knowledge of fashion. It's crucial that their taste matches with what I want to accomplish with Missuko. There needs to be a click, with both the boutique and myself. 

You took over Missuko when you were only 24, where did your interest in fashion originate?
I've always liked to dress myself and thanks to my parents I managed to develop a taste for design. My parents were buyers and sellers, like me, but they had an interior design boutique. I've spent my entire childhood in their shop, admiring the furniture, speaking to designers, acquiring a taste for design in the broad sense of the word. It has shaped my character and understanding of fashion. To me, fashion is a way to express myself and to portray personal interests. It all comes down to personal taste, and that's something that develops all the time. To me, fashion is synonymous with daring a little, while remaining elegant at the same time.

The Boutique Collection

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