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In a beautiful historic mansion in Brussels, optic boutique Minet houses a captivating range of luxury eyewear. Expect a trustworthy haven where skilled advice from passionate professionals is equally significant to physical présence


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The Boutique

Founded by Mr Minet in 1984, optic boutique Minet has gained a loyal clientele that has become naturally attracted to glasses that are slightly out of the ordinary. Each pair exudes character and individual style yet remains wearable on a day-to-day basis. 

Chaussée de Charleroi 14, 1060 Brussels. 
Mon-Sat: 10.00 - 18.30. 

There are a million reasons to be satisfied with a pair of glasses and we hope to address every single one. 

The Owner

What was your motivation to open an optic boutique? 
I'm blessed with a profession that entails several rewarding aspects. Of course, there's the commercial side, but there's also the scientific part of examining a person's vision and helping them improve it. There's the technical aspect, we assemble each pair of glasses in-house. And it goes without saying that the relationship with clients is a truly rewarding benefit. Being an optician is a complete, full-service package and that's what keeps things interesting. 

How is Minet different from other opticians? 
Our aim is to offer middle as well as high-end eyewear that is uniquely different. The pairs you'll stumble upon in our boutique are a little more out there and slightly edgy. Nonetheless, we keep in mind our loyal clientele and would never lose ourselves in outrageously extravagant styles. Finding the right balance between offering an exclusive selection and maintaining a wearable aesthetic is our goal. Of course, there's more to it than physical appearance, we also aim for a highly skilled service. I often send my team out for extra training and seminars, our industry evolves continuously and we need to anticipate that. 
Could you tell us how the boutique ended up at this location? 
I was by myself when I opened a small shop in the well-known Galerie Louise. With time I was able to take over the spaces from my next door neighbours and expanded my store. Unfortunately, shop after shop located in the Galerie began to disappear and I became rather isolated so I made the decision to move. I was blessed to find this location and remain in the proximity of Galerie Louise. I feel pleased with the beautiful historic mansion we are now located in. 

What does the future hold for Minet? 
In the eyewear business, clients are very much subdued by large chain stores whose plan of action is offering glasses in exchange for dramatically low prices. For the same amount they pay for a pair at Minet, they can probably buy three pairs at a chain store. We don't compete on that level, we differentiate ourselves by offering high-quality products and dedicated advice. Our clientele is on the hunt for one decent pair that will prove its durability. 

The Boutique Collection

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The Boutique