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Louis Reichman

The Reichman empire is one of those unshakable entities in the diamond and fine jewellery segment. Their new store is located in Belgium's prestigious coastal town Knokke and carries the name of founder Louis Reichman.  


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The Boutique

Louis Reichman established his business in 1978 in Antwerp's diamond district. In the early eighties, the economy was boosting and the demand for diamonds was on the rise. To many women, Reichman's innovative take on diamonds and gemstones was an alluring alternative to the classic jewellery of that time. The fact that he's a jovial man and considered his clients as his friends led to a clientele that is loyal to this day. The company is now being run by Louis' son Maurice with Reichman's resident team by his side.  

Louis Reichman is anything but a traditional jewellery store. We design one-of-a-kind investment pieces but also minimalist engagement rings that fit young and old, trendy and classic. 

The Team

How do you guarantee a unique and long-lasting relationship with clients?  
Jenny: As people, we aim to be as easily accessible as possible, despite the exclusivity of our products. We have an amicable and particularly humble way of treating clients, which is appreciated by recurring as well as new customers. The sales process of a product at Louis Reichman is never considered just that, it's a complete experience. We listen to a client's story, learn about their achievements and treat them with the utmost respect. The second they step into our store, I'll ask them how their children or grandchildren are doing and of course offer them a glass of champagne, making them feel at home right away. 

Could you tell us something about your collections? 

Maurice Reichman: Clients are well aware that we have a multifaceted, inspiring collection and they appreciate us for it. We will always make sure to keep inspiring them by offering unique designs that they won't be able to find anywhere else. 
Dries: On the one hand, we select ready-made designs in Italy which we sometimes modify if requested. On the other hand, our team based in Antwerp designs jewellery from scratch for our own collection. Every piece is meticulously made by hand and is considered a precious piece of art. 
When a woman walks in looking for a true investment piece, what would you recommend her to buy? 
Jenny: A round brilliant shape diamond. The shape is versatile and timeless as opposed to other, rather unconventional shapes. We would advise a client to go for 4 to 5 carats for it to be considered a worthy investment and an all-time classic to enjoy for generations. You may rest assured that this type of diamond will never lose its sell-through value. If after a few years a client decides to sell a piece like that again, we will gladly welcome it back into our stock and give it a new life.

What does jewellery mean to you?
Jenny: To me personally, jewellery is extremely valuable. My family has always been involved in the diamond business, so I was kind of destined to end up in a business like this one. As a child, I would earn my pocket money by driving my bike around the diamond polishing factory and collecting the stones that fell off the work tables. Not your average childhood memory I guess (laughs). In general, a piece of fine jewellery is considered something of great emotional value. It's a handmade piece of art that deserves to be cherished and is often passed on to next generations. 

The Boutique Collection 

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