Paris, France

L'Optic by Valérie

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Paris' 17th arrondissement, L'Optic by Valérie is renowned for consistently offering a strong and exclusive selection of eyewear to its visitors. Thanks to its modern, minimal and elegant interior, the boutique allows each of its carefully curated glasses to portray their unique identity. 



The Boutique

Up until the late eighties, early nineties, buying a pair of glasses was a purely medical purchase to help with your deteriorating eyesight. You would walk into an optician and be assisted by a serious looking sales assistant in a white shirt. During the late eighties, things started to change, and eyewear became both helpful and fashionable. It was this interaction that intrigued Valérie and formed the foundation for her boutiques. Opening her L'Optic by Valérie boutique in Le Palais de Congrès in 2008, Valérie's goal was to offer couture accessories, which have a unique sense of luxurious exclusivity. 

Le Palais des Congrès, 2 Place de la Porte Maillot, 75017 Paris.
Mon - Sat: 10.00 - 19.30.
Closed on Sunday. 
'We don't feel like dressing ourselves in the same style every day, so why shouldn't we alternate between glasses as well?' 

The Owner

Where did your passion for fashion and eyewear originate?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved fashion. I adored dressing up and buying unique items that had the ability to set you apart. Fashion is a global concept, with universal trends and tendencies but at the same time, it's something extremely personal. You should never wear something you don't feel comfortable in, only because it's considered fashionable at the time. To me, fashion is a concept in which you are dressed in a manner that makes you feel good. We want to be our own artist, we want to be able to create our look and identity. Accessories have the powerful ability to achieve this distinctive appearance without becoming overpowering. The right shoes, bag and glasses can uplift any silhouette and express your personality according to each day and every mood.

What is L'Optic by Valérie's competitive strength?

I consider my boutique more as an eyewear concept store than as a regular eyewear shop. Like every optic boutique, L'Optic by Valérie offers an extensive brand portfolio that includes the biggest luxury brands, but it's my goal to curate a unique and inspiring selection within those brands. I'm perpetually in pursuit of exclusive, special designs. Limited editions, runway models, personalised pairs... Every pair of glasses you'll come across at in the boutique is carefully selected for its distinctive qualities. Aside from this curational buying, we have managed to build a very close relationship with our customers. The connection we forge with our clients often surpasses the traditional buyer-seller relationship and turns into a genuine friendship that lasts for years.

When customers become friends, do they still need the level of assistance that L'Optic by Valérie offers?

Personally, I believe that people always thrive from a little bit of support and guidance. Whether they are buying a piece of clothing, shoes or glasses, it's always nice to receive some assistance. Especially when this advice comes from someone who is familiar with the product, the story behind it, the current trends and how all of these aspects can be integrated into your own life and style. That being said, it is the duty of my team and me to recognise and determine every single client's need in the wink of an eye. Normally people walk into the boutique as a blank slate, willing to be surprised by our propositions and ideas. Sometimes, however, people have a clear picture of what they want, of their style and expectations. When that's the case, we will still offer our help, but we would never become intrusive or invasive. We respect the boundaries of all our customers at all times and gently try to assist them with pinpointing certain looks and styles that match their needs. By doing this, we can almost guarantee each client walks out satisfied and happy.

You briefly touched upon the notion of trends. Are trends an important aspect in eyewear?

In today's fashion and eyewear landscape, trends are significant. I even dare to go as far as saying that eyewear usually seems to be a bit at the vanguard of trends. Before key trends like retro are offered in clothing, shoes and bags, it has already been tested in eyewear designs to get a feel of what the market craves. At the same time, glasses need to adapt themselves to existing tendencies. Over the years, the morphology of the female face has changed a lot. Where eyebrows weren't considered as an important aspect of the face in the past, they are now a powerful and prominent feature. Glasses suddenly had to alter their shapes to a design in which a woman's eyebrows would still be visible instead of being tucked away below the frame. It's important for our team to keep those trends in mind, but at the same time, we need to be mindful of all the details that might slip a client's mind. Do these type of glasses make your eyes appear bigger or smaller, does this prescription work with the chosen frame... It's essential to me that my team is aware of these details, that they understand the bigger picture, our clients don't need to know why a pair of glasses works for them, we have to. 

The Boutique Collection 

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