Kiki Niesten

Kiki Niesten is a boutique with a deliberate style, the owner and her team keep a high standard, even if that means not being able to serve just any type of customer.

The Boutique

The boutique is located on the Stokstraat, a historic street full of character. At the time, Kiki Niesten would only open her store under the condition of it being on this exact location. Kiki Niesten had a natural passion for beautiful things when she founded her boutique in 1979. She has a strong vision and knows exactly which items to curate for her clientele.

Stokstraat 28-32, 6211 GD Maastricht.
Tue-Fri: 10.00 – 18.00, Sat: 10.00 – 17.00, Sun: 12.00 – 17.00, Monday and Thursday night by appointment.


To me, fashion equals identity. It shouldn’t determine your personality, but the way you choose to look reflects who you are.

The Owner

What is your boutique best known for?
From the moment a client steps into our boutique, she experiences luxury as a total package. The way the shop-assistants are dressed, the tableware in which we serve the coffee, all senses are being stimulated. If the client likes cake from a certain bakery, we will make sure it’s there.

How do you guarantee a personal approach?
Many clients visit the store by appointment. They will come by each season to buy a head-to-toe outfit or even an entire wardrobe. If a client has a specific shop-assistant she feels most comfortable with, we will make sure she is there when the client visits the boutique. We know her size and taste, so by the time the client arrives, we will have a selection of items ready for her. Our tailor will be present to ensure the clothes fit perfectly.
How is your relationship with your clients?
I am honest, I will never push a client but I will always advise her to do what I believe is best for her. I like to compare it with a relationship between a doctor and his patient. As a client, you need a certain amount of trust in the person that’s helping you.

What is your personal style preference?
I prefer timeless fashion over trends. Of course, trends shouldn’t be neglected but I think you should always stay true to your own identity.
The Boutique