Living up to its luxury image, Jean-Charles is located on the prominent Avenue de Verdun in sun-drenched Nice. The boutique has an international clientele which it owes to its prime location by the French Riviera.

The Boutique

While currently lead by Mr Borghini, Jean-Charles was founded by his parents in 1971. At the time, it was a store for locally-manufactured footwear as his father was a leather tradesman. Up until today, Jean-Charles still offers an exclusive selection of footwear and leather goods, augmented by some exclusive ready-to-wear designer brands. Even though Mr Borghini manages the store on a daily basis, his mother stayed involved over the years and is responsible for a large part of the returning clientele.

6 Avenue de Verdun, 06000 Nice.
Summer opening hours: 10.00 – 19.30. Winter opening hours: 10.00 – 19.00.
I love seeing a client walk into the store wearing something they bought here before. It means we did a good job and didn't sell them something that ends up in the back of their closet.

The Owner

In which way is Jean-Charles different from other ready-to-wear boutiques?
We are loyal to our Mediterranean roots and therefore have a colourful aesthetic. As a result there are certain minimalist brands that we don’t include in our selection because they simply don’t match with the Nice culture. People around here work out a lot and prefer to show off their body shape.

How does the location affect your clientele?
We have an enormous number of international clients, mostly Russians, Chinese and some Scandinavians. They usually have a second home in the area and visit us a couple of times a year. Nice is not like Cannes or Monaco. Cannes is a Sunday destination and Monaco is more temporary, whereas Nice is a destination for regulars.
Have you noticed an evolution among your consumers?
Our clients are fond of wearable clothes that can be mixed and matched easily. Women don’t often buy that one statement dress they can only wear once or twice anymore unless they plan on attending a ceremony. It’s a big challenge for us, we must select unique yet comfortable pieces that can be worn for several types of occasions.

What is your perspective on fashion in the future?
I think there’s a lot of work to be done in the fashion industry. Nowadays, brands don’t take any risks anymore and that lack of innovation can have its repercussions on the industry. A brand or designer makes a bold statement in one of their collections and once they notice it works and there’s an audience for it, they keep repeating it season after season. I see similar products throughout three or four seasons and it’s because brands are too afraid to lose consumers.
The Boutique