Bordeaux, France


When travelling to the famed wine-growing region in South West France, one stop cannot be missed. While wine lovers won't find something to quench their thirst here, fashion aficionado's undoubtedly will. With Escapes, Martine and Maite created a unique boutique for fashion-conscious women filled with a luxury selection you won't find elsewhere in the city.
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The Boutique

When an opportunity presented itself sixteen years ago to open a multibrand boutique in the Clemenceau quartier of Bordeaux, Martine Bareyre and Maite Garnier knew immediately that this was a chance they couldn't pass up. The Place des Grands Hommes de Bordeaux has always represented the best of the best in fashion, decoration and accessories and was inevitably the perfect location for Espaces. Here the female duo surprises its loyal and tourist clientele with a beautiful selection of luxury fashion for active and urban women.

39 Cours Georges Clémenceau, 33000 Bordeaux, France
Mon - Sat: 10.00 - 19.00

In case clients have shopped with us before, we make it our mission to remember everything we've sold them in the past.

The Owners

Espaces has been around for 16 years, what sets your boutique apart from other multibrand boutiques?
Our philosophy consists of three pillars: our choice of collections, our hospitality and our personal advice. To us as a retailer, it's important to always think of the customer first, to assist them in every way possible. We see ourselves as a boutique for fashion-conscious women. The active, urban women who have become more and more demanding and are very aware of what each fashion house offers. All of the fashion shows are now immediately available online, often even live streamed and our customers know what's going on, what's happening, what's going to be the next big thing. It's up to us to make them adhere to our seasonal selection. To convince them that what we have is unique, relevant and fits their personal style.

The brand selection Espaces offers isn't available elsewhere in Bordeaux. Is this selection of brands set in stone due to its exclusivity or do you change it up every season?
We try to find the right mix between brands that have been with us since the start of Espaces and the new up-and-coming designers. Sometimes we'll offer a new brand as a 'seasonal guest' in the boutique as an attempt to feed our costumers' curiosity. Sometimes, we'll have brands that collaborate with each other to create a new vision and style. What makes Espaces unique is the fact that we can offer a solid and reliable selection of influential, high fashion brands but also have the freedom to present new favourites to our clients. It's this mix, these surprising additions, that help to keep things interesting for them and for us.
You stressed the importance of hospitality and personal advice. How do you realise this practically?
When a client enters Espaces, whether they are loyal Bordeaux-based customers, newcomers or tourists, we want to make sure they feel at ease while feeling special at the same time. In case clients have shopped with us before, we make it our mission to remember everything we've sold them in the past. We know their purchases, their personal taste and preferences, their favourite colours and their size for each of our brands. This allows us to be very precise in our recommendations and proposed combinations. By working this way, our costumers enjoy close one-on-one interactions with us and our team, making it a pleasure to serve them and build a long-lasting relationship.

The Boutique Collection

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