Hasselt, Belgium


Bruninx Design Optics is an optic boutique, founded 75 years ago and a pioneer in selling highly fashionable prescription glasses and sunglasses.




The Boutique 

Bruninx is a family business, passing on experience and values from generation to generation. They were the first to introduce a combination of optometry and design in their region. The boutique and its team distinguish themselves through personalised service and high-quality eyewear.

Kapelstraat 53, 3500 Hasselt
Mon – Sat: 10.00 – 18.30
Closed on Sunday.


You can buy a pair of glasses anywhere. We make a difference in guiding clients personally and helping them choose the pair that suits them best and lasts the longest.

The Owner

What happens when a client walks into your boutique?
The sales people or I have a conversation with her to get a broader perspective of who this person is and what she’s interested in. We look at her clothing to discover her personal style. When someone is dressed minimalistic, we won’t suggest an extravagant pair of glasses. I tend to start with subtle designs and sense how far I can go until we find the client’s favourite pair.

How is choosing a pair of glasses comparable to choosing a piece of clothing?

When buying clothing, you consider your body shape. As an optician, I look at the client’s face shape. Is it round? Oval? Square? Another thing we need to consider is the prescription and the thickness of the glass. Thicker glass can make your eyes appear smaller, in that case we suggest a smaller frame and even advise clients to use more makeup to accentuate the eyes.
What do you keep in mind when selecting your collections?
I observe trends and take my clients’ demand into account, but my first concern will always be quality. A brand can be contemporary and trending, but if the quality doesn’t meet our standards I will not sell it. I have a soft spot for Belgian brands, Hoet Couture is one of my favourites. They are the first to offer glasses that are 3D printed in titanium.

How do you see the evolution of 3D printing?
The big advantage of 3D printed glasses is the personalisation process. Just like a body scan, it analyses and measures your face so you can produce a pair of glasses that is fully adapted to your face shape. I was already introduced to a company that sells a 3D scanner and accompanying glasses. For now, the range of designs is still limited, so I’m waiting for a more extended assortment and then I will invest in a device myself.

The Boutique Collection

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The Boutique