Megève, France

Big Boss

Located in the heart of the small and picturesque town Megève, you'll quickly notice Big Boss, a luxury multi-brand boutique that introduces a carefully curated mix of established and up-and-coming designers to the town's locals and tourists. 


The Boutique

In 2008 Julie Delobel took over the reins of Big Boss, a boutique that was founded by her mother, Mrs Panisset in 1985. Since then, Julie made sure that they would never cease to develop. Delobel's family accomplished this desire for innovation by adding a second boutique in the main shopping street of Megève and by staying up to date with clients' ever-expanding knowledge, all while remaining true to their core philosophy of personalised service. 

24 Rue Monseigneur Conseil, 74120 Megève.
Mon-Fri : 10.00 - 12.30, 14u30 - 19u00, Sat-Sun: 10.00 - 13.00, 14.30 - 19.30.

With fashion's current, rapid pace, customers desire more than ever to be amazed. That's why it's pivotal to be present both in our boutique and on the World Wide Web.

The Owner

According to you, what sets Big Boss apart from other multi-brand boutiques?
We have always been able to pinpoint the right brands at the right time. Within those prestigious labels, we still manage to offer a different and sharply curated selection that's inspiring to our clients. Aside from that, Big Boss wouldn't be what it is without its human values of service, which establishes the shop's intoxicating and bubbly personality. That's why I take great pride in my team and the way it functions. A good team gives energy to others and allows each member a freedom in creativity and personality. It's my team that gives Big Boss its distinct and unique experience, one that I value greatly. 

Located in one of France's oldest ski-resorts, who is the Big Boss consumer?
Since we are located at a popular ski destination and are near both the Italian and Swiss border, tourists are the biggest and most important part of our client base. Aside from the fact that most of our consumers aren't based in Megève, there isn't one common denominator that comprehends our clients. We cater to both men and women of all ages. Dads and sons, mothers and daughters, friends, ... We make sure to offer our clients a wide range of designers and items. None of our clients are stereotypical consumers, but they all love and understand fashion. 
With such a melting pot of clients, how do you select your collections each season?
It's critical to stay on top of trends. What will people want tomorrow? What is leaving the fashion scene for a while? What's coming back? Today's fashion consumers are much more informed on the latest trends and designers due to social media and online shopping. Because of this fast pace, we as boutiques need a head start in order to still be able to surprise and dazzle our clients. They have a significant need and desire to be amazed. That's why we need to be present in our boutiques as well as on the World Wide Web. People need to find us, they need to see us everywhere. 

What does fashion mean to you personally? 

My interest in fashion has been there since I was a kid. With my mother owning Big Boss as a family business since 1985, fashion has always had a significant presence in my life. To me, fashion is a freedom of expression, without necessarily following all the commands of the current industry. Most importantly, I believe it's crucial to stay true to yourself, to your own style - you should, by all means, avoid coming off as being disguised when dressing. Stay close to yourself, to your taste and you'll radiate confidence.

The Boutique Collection

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The Boutique