Eindhoven, The Netherlands


A trip to Eindhoven wouldn’t be complete without paying a visit to the Artishock boutique in the heart of the city. There the owner intrigues you with her inspiring selection of luxury brands paired with upcoming designers.



The Boutique 

With her parents already owning the perfect premise in the luxury shopping street of Eindhoven, owner Francis was offered the option whether she wanted to realise her vision there or elsewhere. The choice was quickly made and after reshaping the inside of the boutique, she filled it with a trendy mix of casual chic and high fashion items, pleasing a broad audience of all ages.

Hooghuisstraat 8-10, 5611 GT Eindhoven.
Tue-Thu: 10.00 – 18.00, Fri: 10.00 – 21.00, Sat: 10.00 – 17.00, Sun: 13.00 – 17.00, Mon: 13.00 – 18.00.


For me, fashion isn’t defined by trends anymore. Everything has been seen and done before and that’s what makes it interesting. You can keep updating the existing pieces you own without ever fearing they’ll go out of style.

The Owner 

You opened Artishock in 1996 when you were only 21, what inspired you?
Fashion has always been the greatest passion of my life, so I knew I’d open my own boutique at some point. As a kid, I grew up surrounded by fashion. My parents had a store and even my grandparents did before them. I was literally raised on top of the counter. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else and I’m incredibly grateful my parents supported me at such a young age to help me develop my idea and vision for the boutique.

How would you describe the relationship with your clients?
Sociable, relaxed and pleasant. It’s extremely important to me that my clients feel welcome and at ease. Therefore our team will make every effort to ensure a relaxed atmosphere. This is realised throughout small details like keeping the door open, offering a cup of coffee and having a friendly chat. By choosing for this personal approach, we quickly get an idea of the client’s needs and personal style, allowing us to help them to the best of our abilities.
What do you keep in mind when selecting from the new collections?
I thrive on my instincts. The selection happens very natural to me. I never have a pre-set idea or buying strategy of what I absolutely need to have. I simply review each collection and decide whether it would work for us, for our customer. Sometimes I’ll add a few trickier pieces of which I know that they’ll be harder to sell, but I like to keep our offer interesting and fresh every season.

Do you see yourself in the identity of Artishock?
I’m in every inch of the boutique, from the logo design to the items you can shop each season, everything is handpicked by me. When I’m buying new seasonal collections, I’m often accompanied by my mother, my colleague Peter or my husband, but in the end, everything is my decision. It’s all in my head. The items I want to buy, the way the boutique should be organised, the window displays… I think that helps to promote the pieces as well. Something you personally love, will always sell better because you have the passion to back it up.

The Boutique Collection 

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The Boutique